Videos and Activities

The items below are provided to help your classroom
explore the concrete and aggregate industries through
videos, writing prompts, experiments, work sheets and
coloring pages.

We also have found some amazing fossils in our aggregate quarries. Take
a look at the videos and worksheets for your grade level.

Rocks and Minerals

Rock Odyssey
Mineral Information Institute
Dance of the Detonators
Blasting into the 21st Century

What is limestone?

Limestone is used to make all kinds of products,from chalk to buildings.

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Climate Changes

See how fossils help us know about the climate long ago.

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Worksheet Grades 2-3
Worksheet Grades 4-5
Worksheet Grades 6-8

How is concrete made?

From exploding rocks to mixer trucks, learn how we make concrete.

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What happened to the Mastodon?

We found his bones. Now you figure out just what caused him to die.

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A most amazing hole full of bones

See the rare fossils that were found at the Pipe Creek Jr. Quarry

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What are fossils?

Learn what scientists are looking for when they uncover fossils.

Grades 2-3
Grades 4-5
Grades 6-8

A rhino in North America?

Take a look at the rhino that used to live in the waters of Indiana

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Worksheet Grades 2-3
Worksheet Grades 4-5
Worksheet Grades 6-8

Fossil matching game

See how you fare in matching the bones found at Pipe Creek, Jr Quarry

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We have added writing prompt worksheets to our videos for use in your classroom. Click on your grade level.