Project: Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel Manufacturing Plant - Bowling Green, KY
Customer: Bilstein Group - Hagen, Germany
Contractor: H&M Construction - Jackson, TN
Finisher: Concrete Systems - Jackson, TN
Project obstacles and solutions: In October 2015, German-based Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel broke ground on a new 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the Bowling Green, Kentucky. The $130 million, high-precision strip steel production plant was located in the Kentucky Transpark, in part, to be in close proximity to the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant and other auto manufacturers. H&M Construction served as the general contractor on this project and Concrete Systems finished the concrete.

The concrete construction of all the floors in the facility used steel fibers in the concrete. Steel fibers are used to replace traditional reinforcement to control plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete. However, steel fibers are also used in manufacturing floors to increase tensile strength. This is particularly useful where you have heavy loads on rolling equipment, like forklifts. The steel fibers help the concrete to hold up where heavy equipment wheels are twisting and turning on the floor. IMI mixed 40 lbs of steel fiber per yard to meet the engineering specifications for the Bilstein floors. There was 15,000 yards of steel fiber reinforced concrete poured for floors.

IMI also supplied 2,000 yards of concrete for the drilled caissons, foundations and walls of the facility.

For more information on reinforcing concrete floors with steel fiber, click here, or contact the sales representative at the concrete plant nearest your location. Click here.

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