Project: Basswood/West Park Equalizations Wastewater Basin - Nashville, TN
Customer: The Metro Water Services Department, Nashville, TN
Contractor: Crom Corporation, Gainesville, FL
Project obstacles and solutions: The Metro Water Services of Nashville, Tennessee was in need of a new sanitary sewer overflow basin to increase the capacity for storage of wastewater. The city had experienced several rain events that had dumped raw sewage into the surrounding rivers. Brown and Caldwell was selected to be the engineers for the project and the Crom Corporation was selected to build the ten million gallon wastewater tank using pre-stressed concrete.

The project called for a large quantity of concrete delivered in a short amount of time. To complete the basin floor, IMI supplied up to 2,800 yards per day (300 yards per hour.) This utilized 18 mixer trucks and two IMI concrete plants. IMI was able to keep up with the demand and meet the needs of other customers throughout the pour.

The Basswood/West Park project also engaged IMI’s Technical Services to engineer new mix designs to meet the project specifications. It also challenged our driving crew. For instance, the specs for the job called for 8” of shotcrete to be layered on both sides of the steel diaphragm wall. A pneumatic line pump was placed in front of the mixer trucks and pulled by the trucks as they backed around the structure. While circling the tank in reverse, the pump operator sprayed the shotcrete onto the walls.

The roof also presented a challenge. The roof was designed to be a cast-in-place free span dome roof. There were very tight requirements on the slump and mix designs of the concrete. Each load was tested to ensure the acceptable slump range to facilitate the placement on the slope.

All in all, IMI provided 4,781 yards of concrete for the Basswood/West Park Equalizations Basin.

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