Project: Custom Concrete Home - Nashville, TN
Customer: Villa Rich
Contractor: Stan Reece Concrete
Project obstacles and solutions: A uniquely designed concrete custom home was recently erected in the Nashville area by Stan Reece Concrete. The 17,000 square foot home was originally designed to be three stories. However, to be able to achieve the designed height of the home (73 ft) in a residential area, the use of mezzanines were employed, bringing the total to six stories. Structurally, the house is built with 6” to 12" thick concrete walls and steel framing. The walls were constructed in 4 to 6 foot lifts, each utilizing from 80 to 120 yards of concrete per lift.

The architect’s design called for a textured finish. Forms containing rough cut lumber were crafted for the exterior walls of the home. In order to achieve the desired wood grain appearance, IMI supplied its flowable, self-leveling imix Ultra 180 concrete. This self-consolidating concrete had the desired characteristics necessary to achieve the wood grain effect and provide structural strength. Since it is flowable, it filled in all the voids of the lumber forms. This allowed the concrete to have a smooth, natural wood-grain finish. Overall, this project utilized 1,000 yards of concrete. The first floor of this contemporary home is a garage complete with a gym. In addition, this floor features the dining room, kitchen, lobby, foyer and guest quarters located in a separate tower. The second floor features the master suite and a dressing room with a lounge and office. The third floor contains a recording studio, stage, bar, and dance floor. To top off the home, the roof houses a pool, hot tub, sun deck and a lawn.

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