Project: Meadow Lake Electric Generating Windmill Farms - White,Jasper County, IN
Customer: Horizon Wind Energy
Contractor: Bowen Engineering
Project obstacles and solutions: The Meadow Lake Phase I Wind Farm began construction in the spring of 2009. The job required 121 bases for the giant turbines. This included 60,000 yards of concrete. During the spring, Indiana had high rainfall frequencies that put the job behind schedule. To combat this problem, IMI brought in two portable concrete plants on site. These portables had a capacity of 240 yards per hour. At peak demand, IMI produced 2,100 yards per day. This not only helped catch the job up, it put it ahead of schedule.

Besides helping with scheduling difficulties, IMI has the ability to move high-capacity concrete to remote and rural locations with its portable plants. This also helps clients who are sensitive to green building practices since it reduces the amount of fuel used in delivery of the product to the site.

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